The Good Egg Book Activities and Teaching Ideas

If you are looking to add more character education books to your library, The Good Egg by Jory John is the book for you. Few books for elementary students manage to address such important subjects as balance, peer pressure and self-care as good as The Good Egg. Read the post below for fun read aloud activities for the Good Egg by Jory John.

The Good Egg read aloud discussion questions

The Good Egg is a perfect read aloud to discuss the importance of self-care. I like to introduce the concept of self-care to students by comparing our well-being with a battery.

  • What happens to a device when it runs out of battery?
  • What makes you feel like your inner battery has run out?
  • How can you recharge your device? How can you recharge your inner battery?

The Good Egg writing questions

The Good Egg learns the important lesson in a book from a doctor: too much pressure can crack you up (literally!). For a fun the Good Egg writing prompt, ask your student to imagine themselves as doctors and expand on the subject. Write a letter to the Good Egg with tips on how to practice self-care. Not only will you explore the message of the book further, you will also get to practice an important skill of letter writing.

The Good Egg book craft

When teaching The Good Egg by Jory John, one can’t help but fall in love with an adorable egg, the main character. For a fun craft activity, provide the students with an egg shape printed on a blank page and ask to draw its face, arms and legs. Draw cracks and help heal the egg by covering them with band aids. Label the band aids with recommendations you can give to help find balance and practice self care. Display the results on a bulleting board for a wall, filled with self-care!

In my TpT store, you will find a book companion including a craft with printables and instructions. Click HERE or an image below to learn more.

the good egg read aloud activities

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