Say Something! activities (Peter H. Reynolds) – Book companion + CLASS PROJECT


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A marvelous book “Say Something!” by Peter H. Reynolds now accompanied by a study unit filled with fun activities. An amazing read-aloud about the power of words and the power of actions will teach your students how to say something and change the world.

Explore the message of the book further with these fun activities and build your own “Say something” wall: each of your students get to send their own message to the world now and make sure it gets heard. See the thumbnails and the preview for the finished project!


START YOUR DAY WITH A READ ALOUD! Set the mood for the day with these fun morning meeting activities. Remember the books you read together, share your feedback, make text-to-self connection and so much more!!! Click HERE for morning meeting slides with fun read aloud activities.


Did you know “Say something” by Peter H. Reynolds is a sequel to “The Word Collector”? To create a series of lessons on the power of words, make sure to check out “The Word Collector” activities here. Fun poems activities, word sorting, character study and more!

The unit includes the following activities:

  • Illustrate the use of “powerful” words (“You’ve got a friend!”, “Keep going!”)
  • Compare saying something with and without words
  • Exploring ways we can say something without words
  • How do people in the world say they want to live in peace? (Guess the language)
  • Searching for words in the word grid puzzle
  • Defining author’s message
  • Relate the character to your experience: when did you say something without words?
  • Writing a letter to a friend to recommend reading the book
  • Filling out reading response chart

20 pages altogether, answer keys included for 3 worksheets. You know exactly what you are buying! Click preview to see a preview of all pages!


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If you have further questions, check thumbnails and preview or ask me in Questions And Answers or on my e-mail


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