Not Quite Narwhal craft & activities – Interactive read aloud, Book extension


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Introduce your students to charming Kelp from “Not Quite Narwhal” by Jessie Sima and take a journey to the depth of the ocean! Meet Kelp’s family, the narwhals, and get to know his new friends, sparkling unicorns.

Inside you will find:

  • Interactive read aloud teacher guide for before, after and during reading activities. Stopping points also available in sticky notes format!
  • Lapbook with design-the-cover activity by drawing the narwhal and the unicorn in their habitats: in the sea and on the beach, compare and contrast narwhals and unicorns activity and fun facts activity: guess if the fun fact is about the narwhals or the unicorn
  • 15 book extension activities (see the list below)

Activity pack includes a variety of activities on writing, vocabulary, reading mastery ranging from easy to difficult ones. You know exactly what you are buying! Click preview to see the full version of all pages in mini-size! Please check the list below to ensure that the worksheets fit your classroom level:

Reading literature

• Describe the main character

• Order events in the story

• Retell the story

• Fill in the story map

• Choose which character could say the sentence

• Draw story settings

• Choose if events in the story happened on the land or in the sea

Writing skills

• Answer the questions about the story

• Compare and contrast narwhals and unicorns

• Fill in the gaps to describe main character

Vocabulary practice

• Name the animals on the pictures and say where they live

• Name animals that live on the land, in the sea and both

• Label narwhal and unicorn body parts

• Pick sea animals from the list

• Unscramble the words to fill in the gaps

15 pages altogether! If you have further questions, check thumbnails and preview or ask me in Questions And Answers or on my e-mail

Thank you for interest in this product and happy teaching!

Grade levels

K, 1st, 2nd

Resource type

Handouts, Lesson

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