Mr. Goat’s Valentine by Eve Bunting – Book Companion Activities


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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Mr. Goat’s Valentine by Eve Bunting and these fun activities.

Who does not dream of receiving a perfect gift from your true love? In Mr. Goat’s Valentine, a marvelous read-aloud by Eve Bunting, Mr. Goat is on a quest to find a gift and make his first love happy on Valentine’s Day. Can you guess who she is? A hint: she loved him from the start!

St. Valentine’s Day is truly magical in Mr. Goat’s Valentine, a charming story that is a perfect match for your Valentine’s Day class. This fun read-aloud about Mr. Goat’s Valentine’s Day adventures will be a real treat for your little readers.

The Book Companion includes 15 pages:

Reading literature

  • Filling out the story map
  • Summarizing the story with SWBST chart
  • Settings summary
  • Comprehension questions
  • Making a list Mr. Goat’s gifts
  • Sequencing events in the story
  • Reading response

Writing skills

  • Persuasive writing: what is a better gift – a card or a serenade? + Relate the character to your experience: what would you like to get?
  • Writing a card from Mr. Goat’s perspective
  • Writing a Valentine’s card for your family or friends
  • Writing a letter to a friend to recommend reading the book

Vocabulary practice

  • Match the animals to the gifts they would like to get
  • Filling in the blanks in the sentences with suitable words
  • Sorting the words from the story (“nice” vs “nasty”)
  • Unscrambling the sentences
  • Searching for words in the word grid puzzle

Answer Keys included for 4 worksheets. Click preview to see a preview of all pages!

If you have any questions, check thumbnails and preview or ask me in Questions And Answers or on my e-mail


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