Literature Circles End of the Year Book Revision Board Game


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Review the stories you and your class had the joy of reading throughout the year or semester in this fun board game. Perfect for end-of-the-year review, this activity can be used at any point in the teaching process where you have already read several books together. An exciting way to check how well your class remembers fictional stories you read, test their reading response skills, and beat some fun challenges all in the form of a board game! Suitable both for small classes (each student is a single player) or for large ones (the class divides into teams).

The game set includes (all in .pdf format, ready for print, high resolution, 300 dpi):

• game board (5909×5392 pixel size)

• 27 game cards: 9 question cards, 9 challenge cards and 9 secret move cards to make the game unpredictable!

• card holder sheet

• rules of the game (for the teacher).

The game is intended to be printed in “Poster mode” over 2+ pages.

The game is non-editable. Should you want any adjustments or corrections, please, contact me at my e-mail

Grade levels

K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

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Activities, Games, Literature Circles

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