Kindness activities for kids, Kindness and Friendship writing craft, crowns and kindness positive affirmations writstbands


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Promote Kindness and Friendship with this fun-filled writing and craft activities unit!
Kindness and friendship are essential values for any classroom, and with this engaging activity unit, you can emphasize their importance while promoting them through fun, interactive activities. Designed for elementary students, this comprehensive unit includes a variety of writing crafts, discussions, and creative projects that will keep your students excited and engaged.
 What’s Included:
  • Detailed instructions for the teacher in a lesson plan format so you can turn these kindness and friendship writing actvitieis into a whole day of fun
  • ❤️Decipher the pun activity to teach students about puns and explore their meanings through a fun handout that doubles as a coloring page or wristband template
  • Printable CROWN and positive affirmations WRISTBANDS: Multiple positive affirmations and craft options included
  • ✍️WRITING CRAFT with 6 writing prompts included
Why Choose This Activity Unit?
  • ❤️ Focused on Kindness and Friendship: Activities designed to promote understanding and practice of kindness and friendship.
  • Wide Variety of Activities: Includes multiple templates and decoration options for each activity to keep students engaged and excited.
  • Targets Different Skills: Enhances students’ writing, discussion, and crafting skills in a fun and interactive way.
  • Engaging and Fun: Interactive crafts and activities keep students motivated and involved.
Perfect for elementary classrooms, this activity unit is a must-have for teachers who want to create a positive and inclusive learning environment. Purchase now and watch your students’ creativity and confidence soar while they learn about kindness and friendship!
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