Conflict types in Literature – Writing prompts, Bookmarks, Summary Poster


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All you will ever need to teach conflict types – works with any book!

At the heart of every big story there is a conflict. Learning to analyze it is key to understanding the author’s purpose and message. This activity is intended to summarize your students’ knowledge or conflict types in literature and provide guidelines for in-depth conflict analysis.

The package includes:

  • interactive notebook with questions-guidelines for analysis of 5 types of conflict: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Society, Man vs. Supernatural, Man vs. Self. The notebook is available in 3 layouts: flap-book your students can use for reference, and 2 worksheet-style flap-books with space for writing you can use as worksheets.
  • digital poster (not intended for very large-scale printing) with quick summaries of each conflict types.
  • bookmarks you can use for quick reminders while reading
  • writing prompts (with/without lines) you can print and handout for analyzing the conflict type of a specific story.

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