Book Companion/Study Unit “Nanette’s Baguette” by Mo Willems


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A collection of diverse literacy activities for early readers getting to know charming Nanette from “Nanette’s Baguette” by Mo Willems. Your children will have fun with the latest book by their favorite author and enjoy doing word search, answering questions practicing new words and more with these worksheets!

Activity pack includes a variety of activities on phonics, vocabulary, reading mastery ranging from easy to difficult ones. Please check the list below to ensure that the worksheets fit your classroom level:

Reading skills
• Filling in the story map and answering questions
• Labeling and drawing the events in the plot
• Reading fluency: “The day is not over, yet, Nanette!”, writing practice

• Finding words with “ette”
• Cut and paste “et”/”at” word-families
• Sorting and writing “et”/”at”/”ed” word-families

Vocabulary practice
• Finding suitable words for describing the baguette
• Word search
• Picture naming (baked goods: pizza, sweet bun, hot-dog, toast, sandwich, burger, etc. 11 pictures)
• Answering the questions and drawing favorite food

Coloring page included, 13 pages altogether!

If you have further questions, check thumbnails and preview or ask me in Questions And Answers or on my e-mail

Thank you for interest in this product and happy teaching!

Grade levels

PreK, 1st

Resource type

Activities, Printables

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