Book Companion/Study Unit – Ellie by Mike Wu


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A book companion to an amazing story to help your students discover that everyone has a talent for something – sometimes you just need a bit of help to figure it out! Read the book and do the comprehension check activities o find out how Ellie learned to draw and helped save the zoo.
This book companion unit includes a variety of activities on writing, vocabulary, reading mastery ranging from easy to difficult ones. You know exactly what you are buying! Click preview to see full version of all pages in mini-size! Please check the list below to ensure that the worksheets fit your classroom level:

Reading Literature skills
• Filling in the story map
• Answering quiz and open questions about the plot of the story
• Retelling the story
• Cut and paste the events in the story in the correct order
• Make a connection between the character and their description

Vocabulary practice
• Fill in the gaps to complete “If only I were … ” sentences
• Pick the right word to complete the sentences, fill out the crossword
• Related words matching

• Expressing personal opinion to the writing prompts
• Complete the sentences to describe the animals in the story

10 pages altogether. If you have further questions, check thumbnails and preview or ask me in Questions And Answers or on my e-mail

Grade levels

K, 1st, 2nd

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Activities, Printables, Lesson

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