Be You by Peter Reynolds – Activities, Writing Craft, Lesson Plan


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“Be You” by Peter H. Reynolds is marvelous read-aloud to teach your student a powerful lesson: you are brave, you are strong, you are persistent, you are you!

Explore the message of “Be You” by Peter H. Reynolds further with this book companion filled with rigorous activities. The study unit is accompanied by detailed instructions to the teacher.


START YOUR DAY WITH A READ ALOUD! Set the mood for the day with these fun morning meeting activities. Remember the books you read together, share your feedback, make text-to-self connection and so much more!!! Click HERE for morning meeting slides with fun read aloud activities.


THREE DAYS of activities for “Be You” by Peter H. Reynolds including:

  • interactive read aloud questions in sticky notes format
  • text-to-self connection craftivity
  • graphic organizers
  • word work worksheets
  • vocabulary flashcards
  • reader’s response opinion writing worksheet and SO MUCH MORE!

Each day targets different aspect of exploring the message of the book: you will grow to be better readers by focusing on vocabulary, figurative language and the illustrations in the book. See the thumbnails and the preview for the finished project!


More Peter Reynolds study units:


If you have further questions, check thumbnails and preview or ask me in Questions And Answers or on my e-mail


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